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Headquartered in Denmark, Intra2 offers a global, password-protected sharing service that contains a collection of more than 6000 intranet screenshots from more than 500 companies. A selection of screenshots will be on display during the conference.


AMPLEXOR is a leading digital solution provider offering global compliance, digital experience and content solutions. AMPLEXOR successfully designs and implements new digital workplaces and improves the overall employee experience.




Embrace Social Business Software helps organisations to be successful in a complex and fast-changing world. Internationally recognised for its user-friendly design, Embrace offers a versatile solution for sharing knowledge and collaborating inside and outside your organisation.





Iris Intranet works naturally. With a strong focus on user friendliness, accessibility of information, collaboration and safety, she helps organisations and their employees work smarter, better and faster. The combination of the award-winning platform and our experienced community advisors will guide you to a successful and productive internal community!






As respected and trusted IT advisors, Xylos offers solutions with added strategic, operational and human value. One area of focus is the Unified Workplace: an integrated, user-friendly solution to work independent of place and time.

Xylos has over 250 professional employees, based in Antwerp and Brussels.