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Conference program





8:30  -  9:15     Registration and welcome coffee


9:15  -  9:50     Opening keynote


How digital transforms the way we work - and how an effective digital workplace plays a crucial role.



9:50  -  10:30     1st international case study: Swisscom (telecommunications - Switzerland)


Transforming the Intranet to shape the Digital Employee Experience


10:30  -  10:35     Introduction to Intranet Expo

Throughout the conference you can see a large collection of screenshots from leading international intranets and digital workplaces. Managed by Mads Richard from Intra2 (Denmark) this is a unique opportunity to get inspired by best practices from your colleagues around Europe.


10:35  -  11:00     Coffee break and networking




Break-out sessions (3 sessions in parallel)

For each of the break-out sessions, conference participants can choose between three different topics. The presentations will focus on practical case studies of intranets and digital workplaces implemented by Belgian and international companies. Some of the sessions may be in Dutch or French depending on the speaker.


11:00  -  11:40     Break-out session 1


The digital workplace journey at EUROCONTROL

Rolling out a SharePoint-based digital workplace at an international organisation


Simon Scott-Kemball (EUROCONTROL)



Presentation title to be announced



Louise McGregor (Cargill)


Euroclear's journey from a static intranet to a collaborative one: Building collective momentum to embrace new ways of working


 Alvaro Moerzinger (Euroclear)


11:45  -  12:25     Break-out session 2


How to turn your Enterprise Social Network into an essential tool for daily work? A case study of social collaboration at the European Commission


Marie-Véronique Lecomte (European Commission)


Presentation title to be announced



Laura Jones (The Co-operative Bank)


Conversational User Interfaces and Chatbots for your digital workplace


Marion Mulder (MuldiMedia)


12:30  -  13:30     Lunch and networking



13:30  -  14:45     Afternoon workshops

You will have a choice of 3 different workshops on various topics related to intranets, digital workplaces and social business platforms.


Workshop by Sam Marshall (Clearbox Consulting)

Driving digital workplace adoption

A highly interactive session to get you thinking about practical ways to improve adoption. ‘Adoption’ isn’t something you can tackle all at once. Instead we’ll explore a practical framework for identifying barriers to specific adoption scenarios and explore the tactical changes you can make. Participants will come away with an analytical tool that can be applied to many situations across digital workplaces, collaboration tools and intranets.




Workshop by Martin White (Intranet Focus Ltd)


Finding people and expertise

A core business case for an intranet is to find employees by name, role, responsibility and expertise. However, searching the HR database and self-completed profiles may not be good enough. Enterprise search vendors now offer applications which claim to find all the expertise in the organisation. This workshop will explain how these applications work and what their benefits and challenges are. Bring your requirements, successes and challenges to this workshop to share with others and leave with potential solutions.


Workshop by Filip Callewaert (Port of Antwerp)


A proven approach for efficient collaboration of knowledge workers


14:45  -  15:15     Coffee break and networking



15:15  -  15:55     Break-out session 3


Building your future digital workplace on Office 365

During this session, Els Overbergh, Business Group Lead for Microsoft 365 and Peter Copman, Partner Technical Architect Collaboration, will share Microsoft’s vision on the digital and modern workplace. They will focus on the added value of key components such as Teams and SharePoint and will give guidance about which tools to use depending on your needs. At the end of the session, you should have a good understanding of how Microsoft 365 can help you on your journey towards an effective, collaborative and secure modern workplace.



Intranet Design Thinking: best practices on how to create the best Employee eXperience

Design Thinking is getting momentum now in the world of digital workplaces, but how can you actually enhance the Employee eXperience? Arthur Turksma, Digital Workplace Strategist, will show you how to get the most out of your digital workplace - without asking your employees.



16:00  -  16:40     2nd international case study: BDO Denmark (accounting & consulting - Denmark)


Introducing Workplace by Facebook: BDO Denmark was one of the earliest adopters of the product in 2015. They are using Workplace by Facebook successfully in parallel with an existing SharePoint intranet. Simon and Jeppe will share their experiences - success stories as well as challenges.



Simon Warnich (BDO)


Jeppe Schydt Olsen (BDO)


16:40  -  17:00     Closing remarks


Summary of the conference highlights by the organiser - including audience interaction and digital voting!


Guy Van Leemput (ValueIntranet)


17:00  -  18:00     Closing drink and networking


ValueIntranet offers all participants a glass of wine, beer or non-alcoholic drink to close the day and thank you for your participation!