Benchmark your intranet and digital workplace against other organisations - available online now!


Are you curious to know how your intranet compares to those from other organisations in your sector? Now you can find out! In partnership with IntraTeam, a leading Danish consulting firm in intranet and digital workplace, ValueIntranet is now offering an online self-assessment survey and benchmark to its customers.

What does the online benchmark offer?

The self-assessment benchmark allows you to measure how much of the potential you are using of your intranet or digital workplace. You will get an overall score in 18 different categories and a comparison with the best in each category, in the form of a radar chart (see example on this page). We can also provide more detail and compare you within a specific industry or provide you with improvement suggestions for each category.

A basic feedback is available free of charge, while more detailed reports and analysis are payable according to a tiered model (bronze, silver and gold).

Why should you benchmark?


  • New in the job? If you're starting a new job as responsible for your company's intranet or digital workplace, then a benchmark is a great way to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your current solution. It will give you a solid baseline from where you can start improving.
  • Need objective data to present to senior management? The benchmark will compare you with more than 200 organisations from across Europe.
  • Looking for inspiration and best practices? The benchmark will show you where you can improve the most, and what you need to do to become best in class.

Who will fill it out?


We recommend that the whole team responsible for the intranet or the digital workplace fills out the benchmark together and take the opportunity to reflect about the questions. But you can also do it alone. It takes around 45-60 minutes to fill out the questionnaire.


Interested? Need more information?


Contact us and we will happy to discuss the various benchmarking and reporting options with you.







“The IntraTeam self-assessment benchmark has a lot of very valuable and detailed questions. The assessment result gives you an insight into how your organization exploits the potential of a Digital Workplace.”

Thomas Maeder, Senior Digital Experience Manager, Swisscom (Switzerland)

”We used IntraTeam’s benchmark as our “baseline” when we upgraded our existing intranet. Each and every question is extremely relevant. Our score was significantly lower than comparable companies - it made a strong impression on top management. Good starting point."

Morten Dal, Global Intranet Manager, PANDORA (Denmark)


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