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Expert advice for your intranet and digital workplace projects


ValueIntranet can help you to create tangible and measurable business value from your intranet and digital workplace projects.

Is your intranet project suffering from:

  • Lack of senior management support?
  • Low rates of user adoption?
  • Differences of opinion between HR, IT and Communications departments?
  • Too much focus on technology and not on user requirements?

We can help you to overcome these hurdles and be successful with your projects.



Our areas of expertise


  • Create an intranet & digital workplace strategy and roadmap. ValueIntranet will link your intranet plans to your overall organisational objectives and will help you to demonstrate to senior management how the intranet will support company goals.
  • Build a business case for a new project and demonstrate its ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Benchmarking: Run a SWOT analysis of your current intranet and benchmark against industry best practices
  • Implement a new intranet or digital workplace based on SharePoint and Microsoft 365: ValueIntranet helps business owners - often Internal Communications or HR managers - to understand the technology and get maximum value out of it
  • Assistance during the critical stages of your project: Strengthen your existing intranet team with a part-time expert to help you to collect and document requirements, select an implementation partner, assist with user testing, roll-out, training, etc.


Interested to talk to an expert about your intranet & digital workplace challenges?


Contact us now and we'll be happy to come and meet you.

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