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Join the Belgian Intranet & Digital Workplace Group


ValueIntranet organises and moderates the Belgian Intranet & Digital Workplace Group, a unique meeting place for intranet and internal communication professionals. As a member, you will learn from colleagues in similar roles in other organisations. You will discuss case studies, exchange best practices and learn from each other's experience.



Dates of next meetings


Due to the impact of Covid-19, all face-to-face group meetings are currently replaced by online meetings.


  • English-speaking group: Thursday 3 December 2020
  • Dutch-speaking group: Thursday 10 December 2020
  • French-speaking group: Tuesday 8 December 2020



Luxembourg Digital Workplace Community


This is an English-speaking group in Luxembourg targeted at intranet and digital workplace managers. The next online group meeting will be in Q4 2020; more information will be available soon.



Contact us now to be invited for a free trial meeting.



Some basic facts about the groups


  • Audience: Intranet managers, project managers and internal communication professionals.
  • Topics for discussion: Members can suggest topics for future meetings. Typical subjects will be intranet governance, social and mobile intranet, personalisation of intranet content, search, ...
  • 4 full-day, face-to-face meetings per year (currently replaced by online meetings until further notice)
  • Guy Van Leemput, intranet and digital workplace expert, moderates the groups, contributes his experience and invites guest speakers to spark the debate.
  • Group size is kept small (max. 20 participants) to ensure interactive discussion.
  • To ensure a confidential setting free from 'sales pitches', vendors and consultants cannot join.
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