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Belgian Intranet & Digital Workplace Group





Date: Tuesday 21 January 2020


Venue: Spa30, rue de Spa 30, 1000 Brussels


The next meeting of the English-speaking Belgian Intranet & Digital Workplace Group will be on Thursday 21 January 2020 in the centre of Brussels.


Topics for discussion:


  • Communities and related forms of collaboration – success stories and challenges
  • Mobile usage of the intranet – the situation in 2019



Guest speakers:


Kirsten Wagenaar, community management expert and co-founder of Bind (the Netherlands).


Presentation: Community management on a social intranet: success stories and best practices

Kirsten has extensive experience in assisting organisations with the successful roll-out of both internal and external communities. In her presentation today, Kirsten will focus on internal communities: How to make them relevant for your employees, and how do they contribute to the objectives of the organisation?






Marie-Véronique Lecomte, Knowledge, Change and Community Manager at the European Commission

Presentation: One-Stop Shop for Collaboration at the European Commission

The European Commission’s “One-Stop Shop for Collaboration” (OSS) is a new internal advisory service for staff in the Commission on all aspects of collaboration and knowledge sharing. The OSS pools staff from different directorates (IT, HR, Knowledge management, …) to strengthen the Commission’s ability to manage knowledge, notably in the areas of: use of collaborative platforms; developing communities of practice; culture change; collaborative working; and knowledge sharing.


Interested in becoming a member of the group? Contact group moderator Guy Van Leemput to request a free trial meeting.



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