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On 24 May 2018, around 100 intranet and digital workplace professionals met in Brussels for the first edition of this new conference organised by ValueIntranet.


What was discussed at the conference ?


  • The evolution from intranet to digital workplace - strategy, roadmap and execution
  • The importance of UX (User Experience) applied within the organisation - the Digital Employee Experience
  • The pros and cons of platforms such as Office 365, Jive and Workplace by Facebook
  • The solutions offered by the partners and sponsors of the conference




Typical profiles of conference participants


  • Intranet and digital workplace managers
  • Internal communication managers
  • Experts in digital channels and employee experience, digital transformation managers
  • Community managers
  • Project managers responsible for delivering a new intranet or digital workplace




Conference venue


The International Auditorium, Boulevard Roi Albert II  5, 1210 Brussels









Sam Marshall

Clearbox Consulting


Keynote presentation: How digital transforms the way we work - and how an effective digital workplace plays a crucial role.

Workshop: Driving digital workplace adoption


Thomas Maeder

Swisscom / rethink digital


Presentation: Transforming the Intranet to shape the Digital Employee Experience


Alvaro Moerzinger



Presentation: Euroclear's journey from a static intranet to a collaborative one: Building collective momentum to embrace new ways of working


Louise McGregor



Presentation: The Intranet at Cargill: Challenges in Change. Getting the fundamentals right while building your ideal intranet.


Simon Scott-Kemball



Presentation: The digital workplace journey at EUROCONTROL. Rolling out a SharePoint-based digital workplace at an international organisation.


Marie-Véronique Lecomte

European Commission


Presentation: How to turn your Enterprise Social Network into an essential tool for daily work? A case study of social collaboration at the European Commission


Laura Jones

The Co-operative Bank


Presentation: The Goldilocks approach to UX (User Experience): Not too much, not too little, it has to be just right. Tips and tricks about getting the UX right on your Intranet or Digital Workplace.


Sebastiaan Mindreau



Presentation: Learn how chatbots can complement your digital workplace and boost employee productivity.


Martin White

Intranet Focus Ltd


Workshop: Finding people and expertise


Filip Callewaert

Port of Antwerp


Workshop: A proven approach for efficient collaboration of knowledge workers


Peter Copman

Microsoft Belgium


Presentation: Building your future digital workplace on Office 365


Arthur Turksma

Iris Intranet


Presentation: Intranet Design Thinking: best practices on how to create the best Employee eXperience


Joran Frommé



Presentation: The implementation of a new social intranet in French & Dutch at one of the biggest HR companies in Belgium


Simon Warnich

BDO Denmark


Presentation: Case study about introducing Workplace by Facebook and using it successfully in parallel with an existing SharePoint intranet.


Jeppe Schydt Olsen

BDO Denmark


Presentation: Case study about introducing Workplace by Facebook and using it successfully in parallel with an existing SharePoint intranet.


Guy Van Leemput



Closing remarks: Summary of intranet trends and conference highlights



Partners and sponsors













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