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On 23 May 2019, around 100 intranet and digital workplace professionals met in Brussels for the second edition of the Brussels Intranet & Digital Workplace Conference organised by ValueIntranet.


What was discussed at the conference ?


  • Latest trends in the world of intranets, digital workplaces and social collaboration
  • The importance of building a great Digital Employee Experience
  • The pros and cons of platforms such as SharePoint, Office 365 and intranet-in-a-box products
  • Various case studies presented by large Belgian organisations such as Proximus, Umicore and Mediahuis
  • The digital workplace solutions offered by the partners and sponsors of the conference




Typical profiles of conference participants


  • Intranet and digital workplace managers
  • Internal communication managers
  • Experts in digital channels; digital transformation managers
  • HR managers in charge of delivering a seamless digital employee experience
  • IT and project managers responsible for building a new intranet or digital workplace




Conference venue


The International Auditorium, Boulevard Roi Albert II  5, 1210 Brussels









Oscar Berg

Unicorn Titans


Opening keynote: It's time to create a digital workplace that empowers people

Workshop: Digital workplace strategy and design: How to build an empowering employee experience


Inge Van Wegens and Gunther Payne



Case study: Internal communication and social collaboration at Proximus


Martin White

Intranet Focus Ltd.


Presentation: Managing Babel - Making search work across multiple languages


Raf Hendrickx and Quentin Poncelet



Case study: The new intranet of Umicore: The journey to build and roll out a personalised, multilingual intranet for a large international group


David Bernal and Jorge Ramo



Presentation: The empowered employee: Improving employee engagement - metrics, maturity model, best practices and success stories


Mads Richard



Workshop: Develop your intranet by favorites


Geert Nijs



Presentation: Some effective insights how to align learning with a digital workplace


Mario Van de Velde



Case study: The new intranet of D'Ieteren


Isabel De Clercq

connect | share | lead


Workshop: Social collaboration: Let's make it a true success!


Steve Bynghall and Chris Tubb

Spark Trajectory


Workshop: Evaluate your intranet and digital workplace skills: The Spark Trajectory skills matrix


Hans Vandenberghe

Digisuits - Mediahuis


Case study: The Smart@Work programme at Mediahuis - rolling out Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to the business


Christiaan Lustig

Brayton House


Presentation: One size does not fit all: how to make the intranet relevant to all your employees?


Keith Lally and David Shanley



Presentation: Automate business processes using a non-code platform on top of Office 365


Bart Van Roey



Presentation: Where are the roots of our digital workplace, and what does that tell us about the "why" and the "what" of our current work?


Kurt Kragh Sørensen



Closing keynote: State of the intranet nation: What the numbers show


Guy Van Leemput



Closing remarks: Summary of intranet trends and conference highlights



Partners and sponsors












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