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8:30  -  9:15     Registration and welcome coffee


9:15  -  9:55     Opening keynote: It's time to create a digital workplace that empowers people.


Internationally acclaimed author and keynote speaker Oscar Berg will kick off the conference with an inspirational talk about the evolution of the digital workplace.


Oscar Berg (Unicorn Titans)


9:55  -  10:00      The Favorite Formula: Three easy steps for improving your intranet and digital workplace


As an introduction to his later workshop, Mads Richard introduces the Favorite Formula which builds on 20 years of experience from knowledge sharing between more than 500 companies – on events and online. The key elements are finding, unfolding and sharing Intranet Favorites selected by the users: Between companies and internal in your company.


Mads Richard (Intra2)


10:00  -  10:35     Case study: Internal communication and social collaboration at Proximus


In 2017 Proximus moved from a traditional, static intranet to an interactive and personalised workhub. In this session Inge Van Wegens and Gunther Payne will talk about the digital journey, the adoption challenges, lessons learned and successes in their Shift to Digital strategy.


Inge Van Wegens and Gunther Payne (Proximus)



10:35  -  11:00     Coffee break and networking






Break-out sessions (3 sessions in parallel)

For each of the break-out sessions, conference participants can choose between three different topics. The presentations will focus on practical case studies of intranets and digital workplaces implemented by Belgian and international companies. Some of the sessions may be in Dutch or French depending on the speaker.


11:00  -  11:40     Break-out session 1


Case study: The new intranet of Umicore

The journey to build and roll out a personalised, multilingual intranet for a large international group

Umicore is a multinational materials technology company headquartered in Brussels. The company's new intranet is based on Office 365 and was launched end of 2018. Raf Hendrickx and Quentin Poncelet managed the project and will talk about the achievements and the lessons learned along the way.

Raf Hendrickx and Quentin Poncelet (Umicore)


Managing Babel – Making search work across multiple languages

Although the default language for a multi-national company may be English, important content relating to regulations, compliance and employees could be in a number of different languages. Research suggests that decisions on what language content should be published in is often left to managers in the absence of corporate guidelines. As a result content in some languages may not be searchable and becomes invisible. Searching across multiple languages brings challenges of governance, content quality, indexing technology, the potential requirement for multi-lingual taxonomies, cataloguing employee expertise and effective user interface design. Understanding and balancing corporate and user requirements is essential in managing the search user experience.

Martin White (Intranet Focus Ltd.)

The empowered employee: Improving employee engagement - metrics, maturity model, best practices and success stories 

  • Do you know that replacing an employee costs on average 33% of an annual salary?
  • Do you know that companies with a defined employee engagement strategy get 2.5 more revenue than the rest?
  • Do you know that 90% of business leaders believe that engagement is very important for their business but only 25% have a defined strategy?
  • Do you know how to identify your employees according to their level of engagement?

David Bernal and Jorge Ramo (Raona)



11:45  -  12:25     Break-out session 2


Workshop: Develop your intranet by favorites

In this workshop, you will work with a simple and effective tool for developing your intranet and digital workplace: The Favorite Formula. Via guided questions and dialogue, you will find shortcuts to create an intranet which is more business-critical, more popular among end users and more effective for content owners. In this session, we will work with favorites from different companies, and inspire you on how to use the formula internally in your company.

Mads Richard (Intra2)



Some effective insights how to align learning with a digital workplace

Some people still remember the time that corporate learning equaled classroom training. Despite all new technologies a lot of organisations got stuck in the mindset of formal training. In best case the classroom training was replaced by an eLearning. But social technology and other new tools can reshape learning completely. This session will explain some easy to understand concepts to bring learning to the next level. Align learning in your organisation with the mindset that belongs to a digital workplace. The session will also provide you with some practical examples.

Geert Nijs



Case study: The new intranet of D'Ieteren

Presentation and demo of the new intranet of D'Ieteren Auto, launched in 2018. Thanks to a user-friendly and mobile intranet, internal communication has been improved and employees are getting more involved. D'Ieteren have chosen Valo, a ready-made intranet solution based on Office 365.


Co-presented by:

  • Catherine Vandepopeliere (D'Ieteren - Head of Communication and CSR)
  • Mario Van de Velde (Xylos - Teamlead Advanced Workplace)



12:30  -  13:30     Lunch and networking



13:30  -  14:40     Afternoon workshops

You will have a choice of 3 different workshops on various topics related to intranets, digital workplaces and social business platforms.


Workshop by Oscar Berg (Unicorn Titans)

Digital Workplace strategy and design: How to build an empowering employee experience

Using the guidelines and step-by-step approach introduced in Oscar's latest book, you will learn how to build a digital workplace that empowers employees and makes your organisation ready for the future of work.



Workshop by Isabel De Clercq (connect | share | lead)


Social collaboration: Let's make it a true success!

Social is the beating heart of the Digital Workplace. But not an easy one! How to make sure that social technologies create real business value?

In this interactive workshop you will discover 3 building blocks of success:

  1. Social collaboration demystified: communication versus collaboration. We translate these concepts into concrete behaviour.
  2. The eternal WHY: the organisational and the individual one. Which "why"s do organisations generally use and which ones touch the heart of people?
  3. The power of setting up a supportive environment. What kind of initiatives do you have to take and which are the most difficult ones?




Workshop by Steve Bynghall and Chris Tubb (Spark Trajectory)


Evaluate your intranet and digital workplace skills: The Spark Trajectory skills matrix

Creating, managing and improving an intranet or digital workplace requires a huge variety of skills that borrow from different disciplines. Teams need skills to deliver effective user experience communications, content, IT management and more. Then how do you deliver measurement and improvement or establish governance for your platform? Because of the range of cross-disciplinary skills involved, it’s hard for individuals and teams to assess their own professional development and plan their career. In this interactive workshop, we’ll take you through a skills matrix and competency framework especially designed for intranet and digital teams that you can use to assess where you are, where you want to be and help plan for projects, for you and your team.



14:40  -  15:00     Coffee break and networking



15:00 - 15:40    Break-out session 3


Case study: The Smart@Work programme at Mediahuis - rolling out Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to the business

Office 365 brings a plethora of business applications to the company floor. Of that offering is the social collaboration tool Microsoft Teams particulary interesting because of its simplicity and its potential to solve common productivity and efficiency needs.

How do you make sure that what you roll out will also be used? How do you frame these new tools in a new way of working? How do you increase chances of success by approaching the change top-down and bottom-up at the same time? And what are the crucial roles of ambassadors in all this? Find out and learn from the experience at one of Belgium’s leading media companies Mediahuis.

Hans Vandenberghe (Digisuits - Mediahuis)


One size does not fit all: how to make the intranet relevant to all your employees?
From the reception desk to the facilities department, and from finance to the boardroom: there are at least seven distinct groups of employees in each organisation. Of course, your intranet or digital workplace should service all of them. But what do your colleagues actually need from your digital workplace? What are the similarities and differences between the various groups? Based on data from four different Dutch and Belgian organisations, this presentation shows you what employees require from their respective intranets. And it will help you find out what your colleagues need from yours.

Christiaan Lustig (Brayton House)




Automate business processes using a no-code platform on top of Office 365

Digital Transformation journeys start at the core of the organization through every day processes. Organizations that have core operations that are manual, relying on paper or email and brimming with workarounds, put their long term survival and future growth objectives at risk.

FlowForma runs natively on SharePoint part of Microsoft Office 365 and offers a no-code platform for quickly building and deploying workflow applications that meet a wide range of business needs across various types of processes (HR onboarding, product development, back office, customer experience, ...)

Keith Lally and David Shanley (FlowForma)



15:40  -  15:55    Where are the roots of our digital workplace, and what does that tell us about the "why" and the "what" of our current work?


Bart Van Roey (ihop)



15:55  -  16:30    State of the intranet nation: What the numbers show


It's difficult to find out what's happening in other intranets, let alone what's happening in the industry as a whole. In response to this common frustration, IntraTeam and Kurt have been conducting intranet surveys in Scandinavia and beyond since 2000. The latest survey is substantial, with 218 organisations participating (and more every day). Kurt will share key insights from the survey, including:

  • Who is responsible for the intranet/digital workplace?
  • What makes search work?
  • In which organisations does social work?
  • Which systems are used and which ones are users most satisfied with?



Kurt Kragh Sørensen (IntraTeam)


16:30  -  16:55     Discussion panel - ask the experts!

A panel of intranet and digital workplace experts will discuss latest trends and will answer questions from the audience!




16:55  -  17:00     Closing remarks


Summary of the conference highlights by the organiser - including audience interaction and digital voting!


Guy Van Leemput (ValueIntranet)


17:00  -  18:00     Closing drink and networking


ValueIntranet offers all participants a glass of wine, beer or non-alcoholic drink to close the day and thank you for your participation!



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