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9:00  -  9:15     Introduction to the online conference by the organisers


Introduction to today's event, with all the practical information about the online conference platform.


Guy Van Leemput (ValueIntranet) and Patrick Van Renterghem (IT Works)




9:15  -  9:50     Opening keynote: The Digital Workplace of the Flemish Government - achievements and lessons learned


The Flemish Government started its migration to a new digital workplace in 2018. A strong focus on user adoption and digital dexterity were key to success. Hear the full story from Program Manager Dave Geentjens, who will also update us on the use of the digital workplace at the Flemish Government in times of corona.





Dave Geentjens (Flemish Government)

9:50  -  10:25     International case study: The Digital Workplace journey of ING: from a unified intranet to an 'employee experience portal'

The creation of a single global ‘One Intranet’ for the ING group is only the first step in a journey to make life easier for ING’s international workforce. The ambition is to evolve towards an ‘Employee Experience Platform’ based on Microsoft 365, with an enhanced user experience to create value for the employees. In this session, you will learn more about these exciting initiatives and about the barriers that ING faced – and how they overcame them. You will also get a quick tour of ING’s One Intranet of today, as well a sneak preview of the integrated experience platform of tomorrow.



Aletta van Asperen and Alain Gilson (ING)


10:25  -  10:50     Break





10:50  -  11:25    Break-out session 1


For each of the break-out sessions, conference participants can choose between three different topics. Labels indicate for which of the three conference tracks (Tools, Communication and People) a particular session will be most relevant.



Intranet case study: The new intranet of Thalys

A new intranet was launched at high-speed train operator Thalys in January 2020. Camille Tardiveau, Internal Communications Manager and driving force behind the project, will talk about the achievements and the ongoing challenges.



Camille Tardiveau, Internal Communications Manager at Thalys



Digital workplace case study: The Digital Workplace at IMEC, based on Microsoft Teams

Presentation about the new digital workplace of IMEC, the Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre with headquarters in Leuven. In less than 6 months, working virtually together with colleagues across many departments and supported by delaware BeLux, the project team created and launched its very own custom-made worldwide digital workplace hub, entirely built on Microsoft Teams. An inspiring case study of change and communication in a virtual world!



Sonja Van Aelst and Linn Angé (both from imec) and Paul Belsack (delaware)





Expert session: Enhanced collaboration in a digital era, inspired by the principles of Sociocracy 3.0

Dette has a lot of expertise in online and offline coaching and facilitation. She provides guidance around organisational and team development, cultural change, shared leadership, self-steering teams and community management. Her support lies in coaching and training the organisation and teams, designing the change process and mentoring the guiding coalition.

In recent years, she became an expert in redesigning the organisational structure, implementing governance models and facilitating transitions towards agility, Sociocracy 3.0 and New Ways of Working.

In this presentation, she shares helpful insights and tools for these challenging digital times, where companies are forced to set up and use a digital workplace.



Dette van Zeeland, Organisational & teamcoach, Sociocracy 3.0 coach, trainer and facilitator at Golven Maken



11:30  -  12:05     Break-out session 2



Expert session: Change management during the introduction of Office 365 and Teams at CM (Christelijke Mutualiteit)


Joanna talks about the introduction and adoption of Office 365 and especially Teams within the organization. Thanks to a well-structured change management process based on the ADKAR framework, Teams has become the platform of choice for collaboration and knowledge sharing.



Joanna Dirckx, ADKAR-certified change coach at CM





International case study - Keolis Group: How to combine knowledge management, collaborative spaces and an intranet to facilitate the transmission of knowledge?

Laurence Fourcade, Group Director Knowledge Management & International HR Transformation at Keolis Group, will answer the following questions:

  • How to use your collaborative platforms for knowledge management?
  • How to integrate collaborative spaces, intranet and KM within a unified platform?
  • How to move beyond the implementation of tools to focus on corporate culture?



Laurence Fourcade, Group Director Knowledge Management & International HR Transformation at Keolis Group



The Ethias Intranet: From Vision to Launch


Curious about best practices for making your intranet a success? Struggling to reach your workforce, to define a compelling intranet vision or to keep you intranet content relevant? Let’s give you a hand by sharing our experiences from rolling out the Ethias Intranet!
As one of the largest insurers in Belgium, Ethias has the challenge to reach its 1600+ employees on a daily basis. During this talk, we’ll go into the challenges we faced and solutions we developed for bringing the right information to the right audience at the right time using a modern multilingual intranet based on Microsoft 365.



Anja Vandeweyer, Head of Communication at Ethias



12:10  -  12:40     Meet the partners


During this time slot, participants will have the opportunity to go and meet one of the sponsoring partners at the online conference. There will be a mix of product demos, discussions and Q&A.





12:40  -  13:30     Lunch



13:30  -  14:20     Break-out session 3


In these slightly longer 50-minute break-out slots, you have a choice of three interactive sessions that will be a combination of presentation, discussion and workshop elements.


The Physical Workplace and the Digital Workplace: Yin and Yang.

Discussions about the future of work tend to present the physical and the digital workplace as competitors, emphasizing the weaknesses of each of them. ‘The impact of teleworking on corporate culture and individual careers is disastrous.’ wrote a Belgian newspaper in March 2020. On the other hand, promoters of digital label the physical workplace as ‘inefficient, a relic from the past nourishing odious office politics’.

Isabel strongly believes that the future of work is hybrid. An harmonious ecosystem of physical and digital activities, that’s what we need. In this session, she will share with you her answer to the following questions:
-  What is uniquely magical about physical and digital activities?
-  How to make sure digital tools are not used to replicate old ways of working?
-  Which kind of guidelines could you set up for your organisation in order to make the hybrid workplace a success?



Isabel De Clercq (connect | share | lead)



What if rolling out Microsoft Teams were not a goal in itself, but an enabler for team learning?


Microsoft Teams is still new in many organisations. Its possibilities are difficult to understand within the traditional frame of reference of the employees. Rather than just rolling out a tool, organisations need to teach teams to develop themselves in digital communication, in virtual collaboration, and in dealing as a team with new situations. Teams is an enabler, not an end in itself. Rolling out Teams is not a 'change', but a learning process. Curious how to approach this?



Geert Nijs (researcher and author of the book "The Network Expedition")


Strengthen your internal communication with Microsoft 365 - discover how Yammer, SharePoint and Teams come together in an intelligent intranet.


Interactive discussion and workshop about the tools that make up your digital workplace, and how their usage has evolved in times of corona. Presented and moderated by Hans De Donder, an experienced engagement evangelist at Synergics.



Hans De Donder (Synergics)



14:25  -  15:10     Break-out into 'knowledge islands'


In this break-out session, you have a choice to join one of three so-called 'knowledge islands', one for each of the tracks of the conference (Tools, Communication and People). Each knowledge island will be moderated by an expert in the field and will discuss the challenges faced by the group.


Knowledge island 'Communication' moderated by Guy Van Leemput




Knowledge island 'Tools' moderated by Patrick Van Renterghem




Knowledge Island 'People' moderated by Isabel De Clercq




15:10  -  15:30     Break


15:30  -  16:10     Case study: The introduction of Workplace by Facebook at AG Insurance


AG Insurance launched Workplace in January 2020. The objective: To create a digital workplace that encourages knowledge sharing and connects employees with the right colleagues. Time for a first assessment!

Sophie Sine and Dieter De Neef (AG Insurance)


16:10  -  16:50     Closing keynote by Peter Hinssen, Co-founder & Partner at nexxworks, on the subject of The Future of Work



Peter Hinssen (nexxworks)


16:50  -  17:00     Closing remarks


Summary of the online conference highlights by the organisers.

Guy Van Leemput (ValueIntranet) en Patrick Van Renterghem (IT Works)












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