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Oscar Berg


Unicorn Titans






Oscar Berg is an internationally acclaimed author and keynote speaker on topics such as digital transformation, the future of work, and digital employee experience. He’s also CEO of the Swedish digital innovation agency Unicorn Titans.


Kurt Kragh Sørensen









Kurt Kragh Sørensen is based in Aarhus, Denmark, and is the CEO and intranet/digital workplace consultant at IntraTeam. Kurt heads the largest intranet/digital workplace membership organization in Scandinavia, and has offered consultancy services, workshops and lectures on intranets, knowledge sharing, SharePoint and Office 365 since 2000.

Kurt and IntraTeam offers an intranet/digital workplace survey/benchmark. The survey has over 240 participants and over 150 benchmarked organizations. It offers an overall score and can be broken down into 26 categories and industries. Contact Kurt@IntraTeam.dk if you want to participate.




Isabel De Clercq


Connect | Share | Lead








Isabel De Clercq is the founder of Connect | Share | Lead, keynote speaker and author of the book "Social Technologies in Business". She is passionate about the interaction between technology, organisational change and personal development.




Raf Hendrickx & Quentin Poncelet









Raf Hendrickx and Quentin Poncelet are responsible for internal communications within the Umicore group, headquartered in Belgium with a worldwide presence. Raf and Quentin have recently delivered a new, personalised and multilingual intranet for all 10,000 employees worldwide.




Mads Richard











Mads Richard is the founder of Intra2, a network community where members can share screenshots from their intranets and digital workplaces and learn from others. Mads is also offering consultancy services and intranet workshops to organisations in Denmark and beyond.




Chris Tubb and Steve Bynghall

@Bynghall and @christubb

Spark Trajectory









Chris Tubb and Steve Bynghall are experienced intranet and digital workplace consultants. They have worked extensively with leading organisations all over the world, and managed platforms within large, complex businesses. Chris and Steve are partners in Spark Trajectory, a training and consulting company dedicated to improving the skills of intranet and digital workplace teams principally in the areas of strategy, governance and measurement.







Geert Nijs









Geert Nijs is author of the book “De Netwerkexpeditie - slimmer samenwerken met sociale technologie” (The Network Expedition - working smarter together via social technology), a book about how to use social technology to transform your organisation to a network organisation. In daily life he is learning architect at a large Belgian organisation where he is fostering social learning.



Martin White

Intranet Focus Ltd.










Martin White is an information scientist and has worked on over 100 intranet and enterprise search projects in Europe and North America. He is the author of Making Search Work, Enterprise Search and the Intranet Management Handbook. Martin has been a visiting professor in Information Retrieval at the Information School, University of Sheffield since 2002.


Inge Van Wegens








Inge Van Wegens works in the communications department and is responsible for the community management of the social intranet of Proximus. She is passionate about exploring the boundaries of "New ways of working" to create new opportunities and people engagement in a fast changing digital world.


Gunther Payne







Gunther Payne is Enterprise Community Manager at Proximus. He is responsible for training the publishers on the new social platform, garden all content on the platform and adjust where needed, and manage all permissions and access rights.




Christiaan Lustig


Brayton House







Christiaan Lustig is a digital strategist specialising in intranet and digital workplace. He is co-founder of Dutch boutique consultancy Brayton House. Christiaan helps organisations to design and optimise their intranet and digital workplace based on real understanding of people and their needs, and observation of their behaviour on digital platforms. The result? A better digital employee experience (DEX), better communications and service, and better cooperation between colleagues. Oh, and happier employees who now have more time to serve their customers, tenants, patients, students, or guests.





Hans Vandenberghe








Hans Vandenberghe has lead the implementation of several social intranets and enterprise social networks at large organizations, always with a strong focus on the users. He recently lead the Belgian media group Mediahuis through an Office 365 rollout and introduced the brand-new social collaboration tool Microsoft Teams to the business.


David Bernal







David Bernal is Project and Account Manager at Raona, with 16 years of experience deploying SharePoint for international clients from a wide range of sectors. He is specialized in corporate social networks, particularly in the definition of governance and user engagement through techniques such as gamification and design thinking. He also has a strong track record in change management, carrying out training, seminars and community management of user groups.


Jorge Ramo







Jorge Ramo is Project Director and Solutions Specialist at Raona. He has more than 10 years of experience doing projects on Microsoft platforms. He has led the implementation of portals and intranets with important companies in sectors such as pharmaceutical, construction and transport. He is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences related to digital transformation and dynamizing companies through technology.


Bart Van Roey








Bart Van Roey assists organisations small and large to make optimal use of their digital workplace. This includes consulting (what are the appropriate tools for your business case), training (end users need and want to learn the new tools) and coaching (training on an individual level). Bart is the founder of ihop.be and also the instigator and co-author of the book #futureofworkBE which will appear in print later this year.


Keith Lally








Keith Lally has over 5 years’ experience in senior sales positions and specializes in enterprise software and SaaS technologies working across the USA, China and Ireland. As Sales Director, Keith is focusing on growing FlowForma’s customer base, strengthening relationships with customers in Europe with new customers in the Benelux Region recently selecting FlowForma: European Union Defence Agency, Imes Dexis and Nipro Europe.


David Shanley








David Shanley is a Solution Architect for FlowForma, providing organisations with assistance and guidance on how to automate their business processes using FlowForma® Process Automation. He has helped business users and Heads of Departments to quickly implement processes such as HR on-boarding, new product development and clinical trials as well as many others, increasing organizational efficiency and productivity.

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